This section is devoted to the “Riggers”  – Post who you are, what method of contact you prefer etc.  Avoid posting personal information such as email, phone, etc.  Mostly use common sense and contact each other through your wordpress user name, or SKYPE.

-Do post some quick information of what your studying/focussing on, your goals and any information that would help align you with a potential animator who may be looking to focus on a similar area!


10 thoughts on “Riggers-TDs

  1. Hey all, I’m Trey and this was my idea. After reading through a lot other people suffering from the same issue, I decided to come up with a simple solution: Improve communication.
    I remember going through school being taught how to perform simple rigging procedures, setting up a character’s bone and skinning them, however, we were never paired with other animators, or were left to do the animating ourselves. Well this can be counter productive. Also, once you graduate, great, but how do you continue practicing if you are not an animator? How do you know if you are doing something that helps versus hurts? Gaining more training certainly helps, and I encourage that, but my hope is that by connecting with other animators who are simply trying to create their vision we can compliment one another and grow together.

    So Animators, got your dream vision set up but need someone to install the steering wheel? Post up!
    Riggers, got a great new PyQt setup but not sure if its really useful? Post up!

    My quick background: I started working in media in 2004, initially within the film/tv/radio and even within the audio engineering field. I’ve set up studios for recording sessions, run sound for live festivals, helped with reel-to-reel digital transfers, spent a year in a storage container logging tapes while running power off of my truck to complete wrapping a tape library and shipping it as well as helped set up for filming on location. I’ve logged more hours on the 405 then I’d care to mention…All before I went back to school for Computer Graphics and Motion Technology. Since then I’ve had the luck of working for EA’s Bioware on Star Wars the Old Republic, working for a great web firm in Park Ridge IL on the majority of the NFL’s websites as well as many NHL and collegiate teams, and continue trying to work in the digital media field today.

    I’ve primarily been focused on improving my rigging skills as well as tool development. Most recently I’ve been working with PyQt when appropriate.
    -I primarily use Maya/Python/Qt. I can work with 3DS Max, though it has been a while since. I would however love the opportunity to practice it again!

  2. Hi all,

    I’m Perry Leijten and I am mainly focussed on game rigs, but I would love to work on more extensive rigs (muscles) for movies. currently I am an instructor at a game school in holland.

    the program I use is Maya


  3. Hey there, loving this idea. My name is Michael Taylor, I’m a fresh-out-of-the-oven Character Rigger from Toronto Canada. I’m always looking for some awesome models to rig and awesome animators to animate them! Check out my demo reel at http://www.TaylorAnimated.com

    Right now I have a FREE 3DSMax rig available from my site, just click HERE–> http://www.TaylorAnimated.com/rigs/okran.rar to download it. I’m certainly looking for any fantastic animations people come up with to add to my demo reel with full credits.

    I’m currently working on a few robot rigs for some students at Humber College, I’ve been keeping up with them ever since graduating in August. If you have any characters that you’re looking to get rigged, drop me a line at Taylor.Animated@gmail.com and I’ll do what I can to help out.

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