This section is devoted to the “Animators”  – Post who you are, what method of contact you prefer etc.  Avoid posting personal information such as email, phone, etc.  Mostly use common sense and contact each other through your wordpress user name, or SKYPE.

-Do post some quick information of what your studying/focussing on, your goals and any information that would help align you with a potential rigger who may be looking to focus on a similar area!


8 thoughts on “Animators

  1. Hello everyone! This site sounds like a brilliant idea!!

    My name is Bill Broeckel, and my website contains my most recent demo reel.

    I’m certainly happy to help any of the riggers out in testing their rigs. My main focus is in Maya, and I know a little bit of Max. I work for a company called Four Directions Productions, and currently we are in between projects so feel free to contact me!

  2. Just saw this site posted on riggingdojo twitter feed and it seems like a very good idea!

    My name is Treg Qualman and I am currently attending Full Sail for a degree in computer animation. I want to be a character and creature animator after I finish my studies. I work only in maya at the moment so if you want me to test your rig it would have to be in a format that can be imported into maya.

    My website is, its currently under construction so not much is up on it yet. Just recently switched servers so im having to redo everything. Anyways feel free to contact me via my website on the contact me page. Thanks!

  3. Hi I’d be happy to test out some rigs. I work as an animator and I’m all about getting some sweet free rigs to use at home.

  4. Hi My name is Jason Campbell, I just finished the Creature workshop at AM and I have been studying Character animi at iAnimate for over a year. I would love to offer my help testing rigs, I’ve used some great ones and some really bad ones and I would be happy to give as much feedback as I can to anyone interested.

  5. I’m Steven Siebe. I’m an animator working freelance, and taking classes at the Animation Collaborative. I understand the importance of animators and riggers understanding each other’s workflow and needs. I’ve worked on projects and seen that fail and succeed. Our field is all about communication, and this seems like a fantastic way to facilitate that. My current reel is at

    Thanks everybody!

  6. Hi my name is Morten Enevoldsen. I’m an animator with soon 5 years of animation experience. I am looking to make some high end animations and would be itching to get my hands on a rig that could match my animation ambitions.

    You can check out my most recent animation here:

  7. My name is Doug Hines. I’m an animator in the Dallas, TX metroplex. I have credits on 2 published video games, and several indie games. I dabble in rigging and scripting, but long for a good rig and character that I can bring to life with the right personality.

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