This is a no-frills site for connecting burgeoning animators with burgeoning riggers/TDs.  The concept came from several questions being posed within the CG community and a lack of a craigslist like hub for Animators to connect with Riggers and receive feedback on what works and does not.  Instead of struggling blindly through tutorials and videos only to produce something that may in fact NOT serve the purpose intended,  it is my belief we can struggle together and come up with functional solutions that compliment each other as we grow in this field.

-Animators: Introduce yourself on the animators page.  Use common sense

-Riggers: Same deal, introduce yourself on the Rigger/TD page. Again, use common sense, spammers love email addresses, so do not post them.

-Requests: Got a job or area you’d like to focus on? Post it here, be specific. Link up, do work, improve your reel, improve your skills.

Thanks for stopping by! – Trey A.


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