David O’Reilly Releasing Rigs! – FOR NON COMMERCIAL USE


I’ve decided to release all 65 character rigs from my short film The External World as a free download. You can use and modify them in any way you like as long as it’s for a non-commercial purpose. Showreels, short films, indie games, all that stuff is cool – just give credit. If it’s web based – include a link to my site.


I’m releasing these without a how-to (or support of any kind) but it should be very straight forward. They are extremely low-weight and easy to animate with, all are compatible with versions of Maya after 2010. Extra controls are available from the channel box when you select the head/hands/feet controls. Most if not all have FK/IK switching. Some have facial controls, others don’t. These were custom built for whatever scenes they appeared in, but they have a lot of range and potential to do other stuff.


If you make something cool – tweet it at me, or post it on my facebook page. Excited to see what you guys come up with!




Tools Dev

I’m going to suggest also, Tool development be allowed on here also.  I’m working more in that capacity personally, but I also believe both can benefit from this site, as much of what TA/TD/Riggers create are in fact tools.  Let me know if anyone feels otherwise, or believes I should open a second page specific to that area.



Going Good So Far! Keep Spreading The Word!

So moving forward with things on here, your posts will appear immediately, unless the wordpress spam filter catches it.  Right now I check things on here a few times a day, but I will ALWAYS check the spam filter daily.  So if your post didn’t show up immediately  it may have been flagged by spam, but no worries, I will check it before the day is through!

Happy Animating and Rigging

-Trey Anesi


I’m also looking for any free model connections, sites, personal 3D garage sale items you no longer want!  We can add them to the BOX.com widget for all to use 🙂


[Site has been live for only a few hours and 1,137 visits! Keep spreading the word!! 1/11/2013]

Welcome to “Animator meets Rigger”

A “no-frills” site devoted to linking Animators in learning with Riggers in learning.  

The goal of this site is simple: Connect the needs of others and provide feedback on their work so we may grow as professionals.

Animators need rigs, riggers need practice.

So, post a request, connect up, and get to work!

I’m going to suggest using SKYPE to connect since its free.

Rules are simple: If you request a rig and one is completed, you must make adequate commentary on the rigs usefulness and the areas that could use improvements.  Please be polite, and provide this in a timely fashion upon completion.  If this is not done, you will lose your privileges on this site.  Same can go for the rigger, be polite, and understanding of the animators requests.



Admins are the judge, jury and executioner on this site.  If it is determined you are in violation, they have the ultimate decision whether you have continued use of the site.